LA Fest

In November 1996, Vivek Krishnan, Harish K., Rahul Warrier and their 12 standard classmates pleaded with the class teacher: Madam, we need a break from the grind of textbooks and classes; let's organise an inter-school arts festival.

The idea gathered momentum among students. But somebody had to get the green signal from the Principal Fr. Mani Manimala. One afternoon, as the school bell rang, the teacher surrounded by students egging her on told Fr. Mani, 'The students have been saying that they want to organise a festival for schools in the city.' The Principal, full of energy but looking stern as ever, replied, 'If you are ready to take full responsibility, go ahead.'

The students who overheard this were ecstatic. The teacher who had bravely conveyed the proposal could not back out. Her students would ensure that, year after year. Read more here

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