The seraphs were going through the same procedure…keeping tabs on the ignoble galactic inhabitants. But then, a stark revelation dawned upon them, their discernment, at its peak. Euphoria, their most vital possession and obsession, was in peril, the risk of losing it ever imminent. The impregnable art of life, unexplored until then was now being explored full Monty by a gathering on a planet, its incumbents called, “The Earth”. “Heaven on earth” they observed. The chronograph read 1996.

It was a Synod of elegant beings, a Council of accomplished homo sapiens, a celebration of life and arts, christened, LA Fest.

On the day of this annual festival, the heavens stand still, a silent witness to the unfolding of new dimensions to the cultural praxis.

This year too, the celestial conclave continues, its legacy spanning over two decades.

And now, it’s your turn to engage in the pantheon of wonders.

Embark on a journey to transcend the horizon of elemental forces.

Elysium awaits you …


  1. Registration is free.
  2. Schools should report at the registration desk by 7:30 a.m. on 20th of June 2015
  3. Every school should participate in at least 2 events (This does not include the off-stage events).
  4. All students participating in the events should be 10th graders or above (This is not applicable to the non-participants).
  5. A student can participate in a maximum of two events.
  6. Students participating in the off-stage events (Shoot @ Sight and The ‘Martingale Hustle’) should not participate in any of the on-stage events.
  7. The number of non-participants should not exceed 70.
  8. Each school will be provided with separate green rooms. (Separate rooms will be provided for boys and girls).
  9. Food coupons will be provided at Rs. 150 per coupon. Please let us know the exact number of food coupons required.
  10. Participants and non-participants must display their LA Fest badges throughout the day.
  11. Any sort of vulgarity or obscenity on stage will lead to disqualification.
  12. Students are expected to be in their school uniforms and must be accompanied by their teachers.
  13. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  14. Last date for submitting duly filled forms is the 8th of June,2015.
  15. Consumption of beverages and eatables inside the auditorium is strictly prohibited.
  16. Schools are requested to cooperate with the organizers and maintain a spirit of healthy participation.

The balance in our universe is in the very harmony it sustains. To synchronise with the beats of your creation is not the task, but to resonate to the beats of a thousand hearts is quite a challenge! Realign your senses to a whole new level; where the beats of life blend into the music of art. Balance is truly the quintessence, making a thousand hearts race in the process, is just a sideburn. Harmonize with the senses and elevate them to the Elysium of your creation. Teach them what it truly means to be in 'Harmony'...


  1. A team may comprise a minimum of six members and a maximum of 10 members.
  2. A minimum of three instruments is required and a maximum of seven is permitted. A team must have at least two vocalists.
  3. The total time allotted for each performance is seven minutes; five minutes for the song and two minutes for stage setting. Exceeding the time limit will lead to disqualification.
  4. Six microphones and seven output cables will be provided.
  5. Teams are expected to connect two songs, one in any Indian language and the other should be a western song or vice versa.
  6. Devotional songs and pure classical songs are not allowed.
  7. Teams will be provided with a standard drum kit and two keyboard stands. All other musical instruments required should be brought by the participating teams.
  8. Extra cymbals, guitar processors/pedals and other percussion accessories will not be provided and should be brought by the contestants if required. Amplifiers will be made available to teams on request.
  9. The use of rhythm boxes, pre-recorded MIDI files, karaoke, drum pads and rhythm pads is not permitted.
  10. USB-MIDI controllers, synthesizers and shoulder synthesizers are permitted on condition that pre-recorded MIDI loops or MIDI files are not used.


  1. Synchronization
  2. Versatility of melody
  3. Smoothness of transition and Clarity
  4. Overall presentation and Entertainment value


If you are reading this for the second time Hi! again

We were asked to explain what Block N' Tangles is but this clearly seems to be neither the time nor the place.

The fact that you are reading this message is highly depressing and disappointing because it means that the message has not reached where we intended it to.

"Irrespective of the circumstances and the quandaries* you find yourself in, be content with what you have" said, your granny, while we were standing behind her.

By the way, who are we????

We are your exceptionally merciful guides to one hour of distinction, who would never intentionally walk you into a ditch.

AND this is…

Block N' Tangles, an annual phenomenon that takes place in the harsh and cold winter months of June and July. Four different permutations of humans (let’s assume) called "teams" from different "schools" are pitted against each other (Now, that’s how you use quotes…right?).

AND what you have to do is, split the sides of the people watching you, crack their ribs and make them slap their knees. (Literally)

In short,

Quip and the world will join you in merrymaking.

Be dull and the world will snore with us.


  1. Each team shall consist of three members from two schools. That means 1.5 members from each school. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. That would be difficult and** messy. Scratch that.
  2. Two three- member teams from each school.
  3. All the teams will go through a preliminary written test. Out of those, eight teams will qualify for the Group Discussion round and four teams deemed worthy will qualify for the on-stage event.
  4. The on-stage event consists of three rounds
    • The first round is a situation round. All three contestants from a team act out a situation..which might get trickier... How twisted can it get ?
    • Surprise round:~In this round the whole team has to come forth and listen to what the host has to say and how far into this sentence will you realize that this is a surprise round and that we can’t reveal anything here.
    • In the final round each team has to send forth one person as their champion. And the four champions will enter a ring to fight to the death.So you will have to tackle the tasks presented by the hosts. And the winner of this round will be crowned Block Head of the Year (no sarcasm intended!).


  1. Spontaneous wit and Humour
  2. Creativity
  3. Acting skills
  4. Ability to read and hopefully write
  5. Coordination as a team

If you can go along with these criteria then Block is the bread to your butter, Rachel to your Chandler; coffee to your large Haldron Particle collider and sea anemone to your Batman. Well, you catch the drift, right?


Winter is coming.

"Thank You"

*This word explains itself…

** And is a conjunctive word used to join 2 sentences or to talk about 2 things at the same time.


Greetings earthly low lives... This is your alien overlord... If you are reading this you have just been named the co-conspirator in an intergalactic plot. No... Don't press the button. Yes of course we can see you. There's no turning back from this. The weight on your shoulders is heavy. You'd have to pass through an intense screening which will test your mettle and give us proof that you are indeed a specimen worth experimenting on... Or you could just smile and look pretty. Either way, once inducted into our specimen board you really have gone too far to come back. You will be displayed under lights. Your worst fears brought in front of you. All your good "qualities" decimated in front of you. We look forward to this... Live long and prosper....... or not.........

To be THE sub-aerial modification,

Read, Perceive, Obey.

There will be (at least) four rounds. Let’s just say you have to adapt to survive.

  • Justify your existence in the universe
  • Man v/s Tangibility
  • Your home seems like a thing of the past & getting kicked out might become a reality you are too familiar with. DIE!!! is the only option left. Dont try to use your brain; your just gonna pull a muscle
  • Humanitarians, men of peace & the faculty of mentalhelp.net . These are the only people left in the world who still think that you deserve a last chance et glory


  1. Let’s make sure that you’re at least good enough to look at, and for that you’ll have to go through a mental diagnosis. For the lesser birth, we have it on paper. >
  2. If you are successfully diagnosed with at least a seed in your head (hopefully) then you get the privilege of witnessing a coffee mug with no coffee in it on the table. Yes, you are being suspected for murder. If you don’t even have a head to look at (can’t help it) Go home!! Drink coffee from your own mug.
  3. Gee…Stop trying so hard to be a human. It won’t clear our doubt of your existence. Like humans believe in the greater brain, we believe in the greater race.
  4. We don’t do a re-diagnosis here...so once you've been successfully diagnosed with a brain...then don’t come again and make a fool of yourself, because.. u know...brains do disintegrate!!----- A specimen who has won La Persona once is strictly forbidden from participating again.
  5. Limit the participants to four from each school, two of each gender. Lack of availability of the opposite gender can be compensated by two more of the same.
  6. You are so dumb you didn’t even go through Rule no. 3. Now scream it out loud and don’t let anyone hear it, because that’s your secret code for winning La Persona.
  7. Shirts go to the upper body, not the lower one. Well hopefully that’s how you humans dress. [Obscenity and Vulgarity are considered your ticket to the white house, which is a very long way from here].Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to become test subjects for the dangerous mutating experiments errr… cute little activities we’ve planned out for you. Sounds like fun, right?


  1. Obedience
  2. Crowd support
  3. Creativity
  4. Confidence
  5. Stage presence
  6. Linguistic competence
  7. Spontaneity, Wit and Humour

If you don't know why you are here, read on and try to comprehend. If you are still reading this, well let’s just say we warned you!

And now the question arises, where are you? If you feel you are suited for this, you already know the answer. Your reading of this is just a mere formality. If you don’t, your chances are getting slimmer by the second.

If questions keep you up and if answers are what you have, then the probability of your being right is high. But then again it’s just a probability, and as you should have guessed by now “probability” and “lucky strikes” are not what you are here for. If you are wondering what’s up with all the 'ifs', then forget this ever happened and move on. You are at the wrong place.

If you don’t, if you know more questions than the answers to them, keep going. Now coming to the question which probably deserves some attention here. This is not where we ask you questions this is where ... we demand answers !!


  1. The first rule of Enquesta is that you don’t talk about Enquesta. But that wouldn’t be ideal. So talk about it, to everyone.
  2. A maximum of three two-member teams per school will be allowed to participate.
  3. There will be a preliminary round of 30 questions.
  4. A maximum of two teams per school will be allowed to take part in the finals.
  5. Brace yourself for buzzers.
  6. The quizmaster’s decision is final. Any questions?
  7. The Golden Rule: Remember these rules .Questions shall be asked from here. No, not really. May the force be with you.

Music is your conversation.

Dance is your language.

Its poetry with arms and legs

You don't talk. You express yourself...

You are not part of a crew. You are the member of a family ...

Let your body do the talking...

You think on your feet...

You think with your feet ...

This ain’t any street fight...

This is where emulation gives way to innovation and novelty...

From the cadence of penguins to the Bravo bob, earthly incumbents have made it their universal language.

And, now it’s time to articulate yours It’s time to battle it out and let the world rock to your beat...


  1. Only one team from a school is allowed to participate.
  2. A minimum of seven and a maximum of 18 members can participate from each school.
  3. The duration of the performance should not exceed seven minutes (+ 1 minute for stage setting).
  4. You are free to choose any music/track.
  5. Party poppers or any other explosive items are not allowed.
  6. Backup CDs or USBs are allowed. They should be brought by the contestants.
  7. All sequences should be performed on stage.
  8. Classical, semi-classical and folk dance forms are not allowed.
  9. Obscenity or vulgarity in lyrics, gestures, costumes or steps will not be tolerated.
  10. Special stage settings are allowed, but with prior arrangement with the hosts.


  1. Choreography
  2. Coordination
  3. Innovation
  4. Costume
  5. Props.

Photography. The mercenary draws out his gun, trains it on his prey with unnerving audacity, and pulls the trigger to eliminate the unwary.

He misses the target… he misses the bounty. Same story, different scenario.

With the camera slinging around your neck, you capture that moment that does not last more than a second.

You miss the shot…you miss your ticket to stardom. Welcome to Shoot at Sight 2015.

It’s your chance to shape a million perceptions, your chance to transcend mere oblivion.

It’s your turn to be eagle-eyed.

Let the shutterbugs snap away.


  1. Each school can send a maximum of two contestants.
  2. The event consists of two rounds. Only those selected by the judges in the first round will move on to the second.
  3. The first round will be a theme based round, where each contestant can submit a maximum of two photos based on the given time.
  4. The second round will not be a theme based round but it will be solely dependent on the contestant's creativity.
  5. Each contestant can submit a maximum of two photos.
  6. Basic editing can be done to photos for the second round.
  7. The camera/memory card should be cleared of all data before the start of the event.
  8. Tripods, Lenses, Batteries, Chargers and Data Cables will not be provided.
  9. The camera should be handled only by the contestants and their respective ushers.
  10. The judges’ decision will be final and binding.
  11. Possible Editing :
    • Basic colour corrections.
    • White Balance.
    • Exposure adjustments.
  12. Available Software :
    • Lightroom


  1. Photo Shoot of any individual without his/her permission. This rule is applicable only when the individual becomes the subject of the photograph. Profanity leads to disqualification.
  2. Photography of:
    • Greenrooms, restrooms and its premises. The immediate surroundings of the restrooms and the corridors alongside the greenrooms are to be excluded from any kind of photography. Contestants are not allowed to enter restrooms with their cameras, instead are supposed to leave it with their respective ushers.
    • Principal's Parlor
    • College Campus The college campus begins just after the Sutter hall. No contestants are allowed to enter the college campus. The Jesuit residence, also being a part of the college campus is out of bounds for any photography.
    • Inside the Indoor Stadium No contestants are allowed inside with their cameras.

The Labyrinth … A mythical maze filled with your worst nightmares. Just a crazy Greek myth… Or is it?

Get prepared to be unprepared. Face challenges the likes of which you have never experienced before. Sharpen your intellect to be your blade. The labyrinth awaits you.


Are you ready to believe in yourself, to risk everything, to take that leap of faith and to double down?

For the scholastically able, the mystery should unravel itself. For the other less- gifted lot, read on and try to perceive.

In the most basic sense this event is a race… WOAH! Hold on there, sport jockeys. This is an inter-school cultural event not some sports meet. This event requires you to use muscles that are of a higher level than those in your legs. It’s time to exercise your grey matter. That’s right, you’ll have to use your brain for this event…

All you have to do is solve some riddles. The solution of one will lead you to the location of the next. Solve all the riddles in time to reach the finish line and hog the glory for yourself…

Well, if only life was that simple!

This isn’t just any race. You don’t just finish first to win…

Welcome to The Martingale Hustle…


  1. A school is allowed to send a maximum of two teams of three members each.
  2. All teams will have to undergo a preliminary test.
  3. The final round consists of five teams.
  4. The event will be an offstage event taking place throughout the entire school campus..
  5. The participants will not be allowed to move around without the presence of an usher.
  6. The teams are not allowed to interfere with the progress of another team.Doing so could result in needless losing of points or even disqualification.
  7. Interaction of a team with members of any other offstage event will lead to disqualification.
  8. The language of communication will solely be English.
  9. The awarding of points will be by the event coordinators.
  10. The team which has the maximum points at the end of the event wins… It’s as easy as that!


  1. Their ability to figure out clues and solve puzzles will be judged.
  2. The team's deductive capabilities will be put to test.
  3. The team's ability to understand their own strengths and weakness will also be taken into consideration.
  4. They will also be judged on how well they perform under pressure and their ability to make split second decisions.
  5. Also on how well they obey the ushers.....(Just kidding............. Or not ;))
  6. Handling of awkward situations such as encountering an opponent during the course of the event will be taken into account{for which we would like to offer a simple suggestion....just smile and wave people ....smile and wave...}


Rino Joseph Jayan 91-8547783315

Antony S. Chirayil 91-8289830482


Prahlad Karun Vijay 91-9495256422

Ambadi Dinesh 91-8129048758


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Block N’ Tangles

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La Persona

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Dance O Mania

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Shoot @ Sight

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Anand Anil 91-8089771808

The Martingale Hustle

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Adithya S Nair 91-9400572136

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Multimedia Team

Prasath Siva Shanmugom

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Gokul G P